The district government of Cologne (Germany), department 07 (early land surveying office of North Rhine-Westphalia) provides more than six million buildings of the 3D city model of North Rhine-Westphalia in level of detail step 1 (LOD1) to the project The objective of the project is to evaluate the scalability and performance of interoperable OGC web services of the GDI-3D - including an optional encoding within data transfer.

The building data were supplied as a CityGML model using an OGC Web Feature Service (WFS), optimized for the visualization and stored into the internal 3D-geodatabase for the Web 3D Service (W3DS). The W3DS stream the data to the 3D client. Within the 3D client, the data can be visualized and analyzed via further integrated Web services (e.g. Web Processing Service (WPS), OpenLS, R-S, SOS etc.) similarly already provided in the Heidelberg-3D project. Currently the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) based on a SRTM data set. Additionally further layers with Points of Interests (POIs) as 3D point symbols or labels were integrated.

Through the tests scalability and high performance of the used methods and software could be proven at country-wide areas with several millions buildings.

The Project GDI3D is carried out at the:

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